What happens when four old friends who had been playing together in church start having too much fun to keep it contained in the sanctuary? They expand their repertoire and become street musicians. That’s how this band got started, performing at fairs and farmer’s markets during the summer and donating whatever was thrown in the violin case to their favorite charity.


What happens when Wisconsin’s deep drifts and frigid temperatures keep those friends off the streets? They expand the repertoire even more, put their own unique twist on traditional carols, and set up next to a Salvation Army bucket. Pubs, restaurants, and food pantries keep their instruments vibrating until the snow finally melts (round about Easter) and they begin longing for the Capital square again.


Honeyrock is an acoustic cover band featuring some fine fiddle on a repertoire that spans  Americana, folk and gospel music. They just released their first album, A Honeyrock Christmas. Hear a sample on the music page.  And of course, on any given Sunday morning, the foursome can still be heard playing to their favorite audience — an audience of One.


Honeyrock donates most of their earnings to Iris Global, an organization that provides orphan care, primary education, and medical clinics in Mozambique. (


Here is a short list of some of some of our regular tunes:

  • Sunny Side of the Street (Texas swing vibe)

  • Singin' in the Rain

  • The Happy Song (lively modern gospel tune)

  • Irish Heartbeat (Van Morrison)

  • If Not For You (Bob Dylan)

  • These Are the Days (Van Morrison)

  • Black and White Rag (traditional instrumental)

  • Magnolia Waltz (traditional instrumental)

  • My First Love (lively modern gospel tune).

  • Ashokan Farewell (instrumental from Ken Burns Civil War)

  • To Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan)

  • Girl with the Golden Hair (original by us, bluegrass vibe)